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Mackenzie Somers, History of Art, BMC ’20

Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar (Prof. Scott)

Faculty Adviser: Monique Scott

Field Site: The Kitchen

Field Supervisor: Rayna Holmes

Fieldwork Description:

In my final semester in the Bi-co, the fieldwork seminar enabled me to gain valuable archival and curatorial experience as I transition out of college and into the workforce. I commuted to Manhattan each week to work with The Kitchen, a non-profit art space which supports experimental art, video, music, dance, performance, film, and literature. During my time there, I mined the archives for website content, helped prepare for upcoming events, worked the front desk of an off-site exhibition, conducted an artist interview, and wrote an essay for the blog. Even though we had to adjust when COVID-19 closures sent everyone into social distancing, I feel that I learned a great deal both on and off-site. The sense of community cultivated amongst participants in the fieldwork seminar class helped me to reflect on my experience, to learn about other institutions, and to feel supported amidst the semester’s challenges.

Final Presentation:

Macks Kitchen Prez (1) (4)

Please click here to access a PDF version of the presentation.