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Rebecca Kelly-Bowditch, Anthropology & Museum Studies, BMC ’20

Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar (Prof. Scott)

Faculty Advisor: Monique Scott

Field Site: Mutter Museum

Field Supervisor: Lowell Flanders

Fieldwork Description:

For the Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar, I worked as a collections intern at the Mutter Museum. Under the supervision of collections manager Lowell Flanders, I worked mainly with the Hyrtl Skull Collection. I conducted research on the ancestry of the skulls (which I am using for my thesis), as well as photographing each of the skulls as the museum does not yet have these records. Additionally, I assisted the collections manager, curator, and other staff with everything from organization to exhibit maintenance to additional research.

Final Presentation:

The Mutter Museum

Please click here to access a PDF version of the presentation.