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Hannah Duncan, Growth and Structure of Cities, BMC ’20

Transportation Strategies

Faculty Adviser: Jennifer Hurley

Field Site: Lower Merion Building and Planning Department

Field Supervisor: Christopher Leswing

Course Description:

This course focuses on researching the parties and processes involved and steps needed to transform the space, defining a continuous last-mile transit solution along the Main Line in a written report, with the goal of producing designs for those multi-use pathways. City Avenue originally developed as the first exit outside of Philadelphia and served as the first suburban port to the city. With increasing development, that advantage has since been lost; the Township will need a more balanced transportation strategy to succeed. About 8 years ago the District was rezoned to promote higher density mixed use development. New development is required to install multi-use pathways around the perimeter.

Praxis Project:

Hannah created a StoryMap on first/last mile transportation connections in Lower Merion as part of her course. Take a look here!