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Sophia McConnell, Mathematics, BMC ’20

Carbon Footprint Analysis and Business Sustainability

Faculty Advisor: Victor Donnay

Field Site: Comcast

Field Supervisor: Anna Blitz

Course Description:

This course will primarily be focused on the carbon inventory process of a corporation,  specifically Comcast Corporation. The carbon inventory process includes sourcing raw data,  cleaning and validating data, converting raw data into emissions data, compiling the totals and calculating the normalized metrics, and conducting trend analysis. This inventory will include  Scope 1+2+3 emissions. The course will also cover additional corporate sustainability methods in less detail through case studies and current events articles.

Final Project:

Sophia wrote an article about Carbon Footprint Analysis that reflects key aspects of her Praxis work.

Final PRAXIS blogpost_Sophia McConnell.pdf

Please click here to access a PDF version of Sophia’s article.