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Sarah Golobish, Political Science, BMC ’20

Energy Politics and Advocacy

Faculty Advisor: Victor Donnay

Field site: Clean Air Council

Field Supervisor: Russell Zerbo

Course Description:

This course will explore how to approach real-world sustainability problems with a critical eye. It will develop both professional and analytical skills in building off of the fieldwork component in the classroom. The classroom setting will provide a space to connect concrete examples to theoretical questions – Are energy companies making use of the resources available to them? How can nonprofits and private institutions push change in the face of a national government that remains resistant to change? How do expertise and politics interact in complex and risky issue areas such as environmental and energy regulation?

Praxis Projects and Reflection:

Sarah created a fact sheet about Energy Efficiency that reflects key components of her Praxis work.


Please click here to access a PDF version of the fact sheet.

Moreover, Sarah helped create content for the Clear Air Council website that guides supporters through the complex process of commenting on the PA Public Utility Commission’s Phase IV of their energy efficiency program. Take a look here!

Lastly, Sarah is sharing reflections about her Praxis experience in the document below.


Please click here to access a PDF version of the document.