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Jeremy Akin, Economics, HC ’20

Environmental Economics of Solar

Faculty Advisor: Victor Donnay

Field site: Independence Solar

Field Supervisor: Mari Prentice

Course Description:

For my Praxis experience, I interned at a prominent commercial solar developer in the Mid-Atlantic and New England. During my time at Independence Solar, I completed tasks across business strategy, operations and research. One of my primary assignments revolved around software onboarding. For this, I aided the implementation of Procore to streamline project management and development. I was responsible for considerable research and data consolidation in support of that initiative. In addition to Procore, I generated a report on paired battery storage and commercial solar in Massachusetts. This lengthy process required extensive regulatory analysis and exploration. Ultimately, my time at Independence Solar was highly fulfilling and educational. I learned a great deal about the development process and the complexities of operating a successful solar business. Per my Praxis course, I am inspired to pursue a career in renewable energy.

Praxis Presentation:

Please click here to access Jeremy’s video presentation and here to access a PDF version of the slides.