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Diane Moore, Economics, HC ’20

Sustainable Supply Chains

Faculty Advisor: Victor Donnay (Praxis Sustainability Seminar)

Field Site: William T. Burnett & Co.

Field Supervisor: Ben Benedict

Course description:

This course explores the sustainability of global supply chains by analyzing the environmental costs associated with the manufacturing of flip flops. Topics covered include the circular economy and carbon footprinting with a specific focus on carbon dioxide emissions associated with transportation. In addition, other sustainability issues are explored through biweekly meetings and discussions with the faculty supervisor and other Praxis students working on projects with environmental focuses.

Student Introduction:

Please click here to view Diane’s video introduction.

Praxis Project:

Diane wrote an article about the Carbon Footprint of Supply Chains that reflects key aspects of her Praxis work.

Diane Moore_Praxis blog article

Please click here to access a PDF version of Diane’s article.