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Sean Keenan, History, BMC ’20

Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar (Prof. Scott)

Faculty Advisor: Monique Scott

Field Site: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Field Supervisor: Katy Blanchard

Fieldwork Description:

I have had an overall excellent experience during my Praxis course. The fieldwork that I’ve done at the Penn Museum has allowed me to get hands on experience within the field. This opportunity has taught me the necessary skills involved in rehousing and photographing a collection. I got the chance to hit upon my learning objectives, which has involved learning to build connections with the team I worked with as well as get a better understanding of museum practices involved in archeological materials. Having these experiences has and getting a chance to reflect on them during the class portion of the course has allowed me to truly appreciate my time there working with Katy and the other interns. I also really enjoyed hearing from my fellow interns and classmates regarding their own experiences and thoughts they had during their placements. Having participated in this experience has expanded my overall knowledge of how expansive the museum world actually is.

Final Presentation:

Sean Keenan_Penn Museum as an Excavating Body Final

Please click here to access a PDF version of the presentation.