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Julia Holeman, Psychology, BMC ’20

The World of Film: A New Lens

Faculty Advisor: Tim Harte

Field Site: Philadelphia Film Society

Field Supervisor: Rosie Jacobson

Course Description:

My Praxis course consisted of discussions with Tim Harte about different important directors and how their work has influenced films today and the best ways to teach these films to youth now. These discussions not only informed my work at the PFS, but will also be immensely helpful in moving forward to my (hopefully) future job at the Circle Cinema in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I also spent time at the PFS working with Rosie Jacobson and Travis Trew on multiple projects. I helped to write discussion questions for Movies on the Block films. At these events, I helped to facilitate inexpensive and fun activities for community participants. I also helped to write discussion questions for the field trip films that bring Philadelphia youth in from all over the city to see new and educational films. During my time at the PFS, they received funding to create a club for teens interested in film. For this club, I helped to create curricula and to develop PowerPoint presentations for the actual club meetings. I also helped to curate films for the Philly Film Showcase monthly event that allows local Philadelphia filmmakers to show their work on the big screen at the Philadelphia Film Center. My time at the PFS not only provided me with skills that will help me as I move into the future, but it also gave me more of a concrete idea of what I am passionate about doing as I begin to find a career path. I could not be more grateful to Rosie for her support, guidance, and help throughout my time at the PFS. Rosie approached this internship as if I were a member of the team and provided me not only with additional insight and knowledge, but also fabulous opportunities to participate in meaningful ways.

Final Presentation:

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