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Jennifer Tham, History of Art & Museum Studies, BMC ’20

Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar (Prof. Scott)

Faculty Adviser: Monique Scott

Field Site: Museum of the American Revolution

Field Supervisors: Shannon Stout and Kristian Smith

Fieldwork Description:

The Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar is intended to help students connect museum studies theory with hands-on experience in a local institution and gain knowledge about the fundamentals of working in a museum. I interned at the Museum of the American Revolution in the Membership and Development departments. I only got to experience the Membership side of the program before my internship ended, but I greatly enjoyed the work and the trust my supervisor put in me. One of my favorite parts about this internship was learning about the Museum’s unique and inspiring mission to create inclusivity and diversity. I loved connecting with museum staff about shared accessibility goals and everyone was very friendly and eager to help me learn more about museum studies.

Final Presentation:

M_AR presentation for blog

Please click here to access a PDF version of the presentation.