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Mort Cavanah, Anthropology, BMC ’22

Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar (Prof. Scott)

Faculty Advisor: Monique Scott

Field Site: Bryn Mawr College, Special Collections

Field Supervisor: Marianne Weldon

Fieldwork Description:

As part of my Praxis experience, I researched a set of thirteen Peruvian textiles housed in Bryn Mawr Special Collections. I completed various types of physical and archival research with these textiles, including some special photography which I discuss in more detail in my PowerPoint presentation. I then compiled my research and made it available via Bryn Mawr Special Collection’s online collections. This part of my project was especially interesting to me as I was able to see how the back end of an online cataloging system works. I became especially interested in digital cataloging and online accessibility in the process, and I plan to pursue further education in the field.

Final Presentation:

Praxis Field Presentation

Please click here to access a PDF version of the presentation.