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Claire Eckstein Indik, Psychology, BMC ’20

Eating Disorders and Treatment

Faculty Advisor: Earl Thomas

Field Site: Adult Anxiety Clinic of Temple

Field Supervisor: Rachel Marie Butler

Course Description:

This course provided an introduction to clinically focused eating disorder research. By conducting hands-on laboratory work, I was able to gain an understanding of the steps necessary to implement a CBT-based intervention for a population with disordered eating. Notably, I learned techniques that can be applied to future clinical practice by running participants through imaginal exposures. This hands-on laboratory work was also supplemented by the exploration of a previous dataset and critical engagement with primary literature. With the previous dataset, I conducted multilevel analysis in R to investigate the moderating effect of emotion regulation skills on the relationship between daily social life events and emotional affect. Additionally, the reading assignments in this course focused on the theoretical basis for different treatment methods, the efficacy of previous interventions, and the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie eating disorders.

Praxis Poster:

C Eckstein Indik Praxis Poster_FINAL

Please click here to access a PDF version of the poster.