Shreya Bhutani, Growth and Structure of Cities, BMC ‘22

Concepts in Justice

Faculty Advisory: Jennifer Hurley

Field Site: American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania

Field Supervisor: Andrea Anastasi

Course Description:

This course contextualized the framework of the justice system in order to gain a real-world understanding of what the legal process may look like. Exploring different perspectives in the framework of civil liberties, this course focused on what delivering justice may look like in various forms. Through an exploration of the American Civil Liberties Union, I analyzed concepts illustrated by the organization’s mission statement, which reads as follows “the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization dedicated to defending and expanding individual rights and personal freedoms throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania”. Moreover, this course focused on the operational aspects of non-profit work in relation to its mission goals.

Praxis Research Paper:


To access a PDF version of Shreya’s Praxis research paper on Medical Marijuana and Pennsylvania Law Enforcement, please click here.

6 thoughts on “Shreya Bhutani, Growth and Structure of Cities, BMC ‘22

  1. Sarah G

    I really appreciate this brief look into this case and the work of the ACLU. It’s easy to miss issues like these when you’re not directly impacted, but that doesn’t make them any less important!

  2. Owen Deitcher

    Really love your research paper on the issues of medical cannabis in PA. The legal limbo allows county and local officials to enact senseless policy based on misunderstanding of the drug’s potential. One really interesting point you brought out in the end was the temporary ban on enforcement of their local laws in Lebanon. Imagine if those people were not able to access their medicine during a time like this. It would have probably become a huge deal for patients and would have required immediate action.

  3. Lisa Armstrong

    I celebrate the work that you did at an organization that continues to provide support to those in need of fair representation. There is so much to unpack in this story. For me, I think about how your research demonstrates how racial and class disparities surrounding drug enforcement are interwoven in our society. These three individuals are clearly in pain and need relief, and yet their past interactions with the law guide their quality of life.

  4. Katie Krimmel

    Shreya, what a complex topic with so many pieces to consider. Thanks for the work you did this semester!

  5. Calista Cleary

    Shreya, this is a really interesting look at the specifics of how the ACLU is fighting for justice for people who need access to medical marijuana in Lebanon County. It’s fascinating to see how contradictions between federal, state and county level policies can entrap people and the ACLU’s role in standing up for their rights.


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